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Optimizing Your Website - Part 3

Optimizing Your Website - Part 3 - July 11, 2014

This is the final part of our series on optimizing your website. Read Part 1 - Optimizing Your Content and Part 2 - Optimizing Your Images Your website can be promoted just about anywhere. Don't limit yourself to search engine optimization when you can include your website address in countless other forms of advertising and promotions. Print Be sure to include your website address on your business cards, brochures, and any other promotional items for your business. Featuring your website in a... Read More »

Optimizing Your Website - Part 2

Optimizing Your Website - Part 2 - June 19, 2014

This is the second part of our series on optimizing your website. Read Part 1 - Optimizing Your Content Optimizing Your Images In addition to content optimization, you can also enhance photos and other graphics on your website by adding descriptive keywords. Image File Name The file name assigned to an image can be used to provide search engines with a description of the image. For example, a photo labeled office.jpg is much easier to identify than if the file were named IMG_002.jpg. Do ... Read More »

Optimizing Your Website - Part 1

Optimizing Your Website - Part 1 - June 13, 2014

Your new website has been optimized to load fast and look good on any device. Each page has been written, formatted, and tested for any potential problems or compatibility issues. All of that work should guarantee top placement on search engines, right? It should, but unless you just invented a new product, your competition is vying for the same #1 spot on Google . Let's take a look at a few more items that can greatly improve the effectiveness of your site. Creating Quality Content First and... Read More »

The Power of Pinterest

The Power of Pinterest - April 27, 2012

If you keep tabs on the latest in consumer trends and online social networks, by now you should be familiar with a little site called Pinterest. I know what you're thinking... Really? ANOTHER social network to keep up with? Based on the numbers, this relatively new online community should not be ignored. In less than a year, Pinterest has gone from about 350,000 unique visitors per month to over 18 million, making Pinterest the 16th most popular website in the US. That's an impressive rise to ... Read More »

Half of all Americans are now on Facebook... Are You? - April 11, 2011

Half of you reading this right now have a Facebook Account. At least that's what recent research is showing. A January 2011 study has revealed that 51% of Americans, ages 12 and older, are using the social networking site; a jump up from 8% only three years ago. According to Facebook, over 500,000,000 people worldwide are logging on. So what does this mean for you and your business? If over half of all Americans are on the site, your business should be too. Social networks offer yet another ... Read More »

Is Your Browser Past its Prime?

Is Your Browser Past its Prime? - March 04, 2011

As a web development studio dedicated to building cross-platform, accessible websites, we often wonder why someone would stick with an old version of their favorite web browser. Is it your familiarity with the current version? Or maybe you were holding out for the bugs to be fixed in the newest version of your browser before upgrading? It may be a good idea to give the new version a couple of months to work out the kinks, but is 10 years too long to wait? We think so, and if you're one of the 12... Read More »

5 Keys to Your Success on the Web - February 01, 2010

At Invisible Ink, we combine years of design and programming experience to create effective and user-friendly websites. We are creative problem solvers, and we use our skills to simplify the process of bringing your products and services to a wider audience, leaving you to focus on building your business. 1) Plan Ahead Before we get started, it is important to know the facts. Who is your target audience? How do we find them online? How will they find YOU? Planning ahead and collecting the ... Read More »

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