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Established in 1992, Almon Commercial Real Estate is well-known for their collaborative and straightforward approach to major property developments. As the company transitions to a new generation of leadership their brand needed to evolve in a changing commercial real estate market.

We were tasked with creating an updated brand that continued a tradition of trust while retaining ties to their history and readability of street signs for their sale and lease properties. The result is a combination of the familiar blue and white brand colors with a new type-focused logo that easily adapts from street signage to use on stationery and apparel to help solidify the brand across any platform.

Pictured: Custom Business Cards
Real Estate Business Cards
Pictured: Building Signage
Commercial Real Estate Sign
Pictured: Real Estate Signs
Real Estate Signage
Pictured: Custom Apparel
Real Estate Apparel
Real Estate Branding
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