It's Business Time

It's Business Time

For less than $100, you can buy enough business cards to last most business professionals a lifetime. Sure, you can run through a stack of basic cards pretty quick, but think about the last time you handed someone a business card for business purposes. We’re talking about actual business, not all those times you dropped a card into the fish bowl to win a free sandwich at your favorite deli. With more companies hosting contacts in the “cloud”, does a printed business card still have a place in modern business?

Whether you’re a designer or an insurance salesman, a business card can be a good way to make your first impression a lasting one. After all, what’s the point in handing out a card if it doesn’t garner more than a passing glance from a prospective customer? We recently took on the task of redesigning our own business cards, and we wanted them to be both memorable and useful for a potential client.

We’re a bit different than the average corporation so we wanted to design something unique, but at least somewhat practical. Combining form and function into a business card that reflects our brand (and our own sense of style) without sending home a binder full of design examples proved to be a challenge, but we found a compromise.

The result? We designed our business cards to resemble an old-fashioned ticket, complete with a tear-off stub featuring a QR code for quick access to our online portfolio (more about this later). Each card is hand-stamped for a more authentic and personal feel, and when the stub is removed, you’re left with a standard sized business card for that Rolodex your boss gave you at last year’s Christmas party.

Posted October 06, 2011

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