New Identity and Website for Northwest Tillers

New Identity and Website for Northwest Tillers

For over 50 years, Northwest Tiller has manufactured a diverse lineup of American-made tillers for the tough and rocky soil conditions of farms across the globe. From alfalfa to orchards to almonds, they have refined a patented belt drive system to provide farmers with reliable, long-lasting equipment to handle even the toughest job in less time than mass-produced tillers. 

To showcase the enduring craftsmanship of Northwest Tiller, we created a bold new identity combining the feel of a classic vehicle emblem with the utility of a modern logo suited to digital use and small display sizes on the web. The new logo shield is designed to compliment the signature bright orange tillers with contrast that can be seen from near or far, and the neutral color is well suited for use on company vehicles and apparel.

The new Northwest Tillers website features a responsive design centered around product photos and videos. With improved navigation between products, farmers can quickly search to find the right tiller for the job. The addition of mobile support provides easy access to product information and support manuals for farmers in the field.

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Posted August 15, 2014

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