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Single Hill brings farmers, brewers and Yakima Valley beer lovers together to enjoy craft beer with a focus on sustainable brewing and a commitment to supporting the local community. Now celebrating their fifth year in business, the brewery needed to expand its website to help families and taproom visitors get the information they need in one easy-to-find place.

The updated website provides essential information for visitors including a taproom menu to showcase their wide selection of beer, an event calendar and the latest food vendor offerings. With up-to-date information for beer fans and potential distributors, the new site will save taproom staff time and help bring the local community together more often to enjoy good times and great beer.

Pictured: Taproom Menu
Tap list powered by Google Sheets.
Pictured: Calendar
Event calendar powered by Google


  • Tap List Powered by Google Sheets
  • Event Calendar Powered by Google
  • Sales & Distributor Information
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