What is RSS?

RSS—Really Simple Syndication—is an online tool that allows your site’s visitors to have timely updates about your site sent directly to them. Mostly used for frequently-updated content, such as news listings or blogs, RSS automatically gets your content out into the world, without you having to do any additional work. Simply post your blog entry, and—boom—RSS takes care of the rest!

But how does RSS know who to send the content to? Good question. RSS is essentially a free subscription service. Users “subscribe” by clicking the RSS/Feed icon. Once they subscribe, updates are sent to their RSS Reader (Outlook, Mac Mail, Google Reader, Mozilla Firefox Add-Ons, iPhone, etc)

The great thing about RSS, besides that it automatically sends out your new content, is that it drives readers to your site. RSS feeds send out “teasers” of your content: instead of the whole article, users only see the first few sentences. To view the full article, they must click a link, which directs them to the original post on your site. More visitors to your site means more business and more potential customers!

Is RSS already established on your site? Go ahead—post to your heart’s content and know that your users will be in the loop. Want to add an RSS option to your site? Drop us a line, and we’ll hook you up.

Posted November 05, 2010

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