Wild Willow Farm & Bakery

Wild Willow Farm & Bakery

When local CSA Wild Willow Farms changed its focus and formed a bakery this spring, we were presented with an opportunity to update the company’s brand for the new venture. Farm owner Gail Davis now applies her experience and dedication to growing healthy, high-quality ingredients from the farm in the kitchen with small batch, seasonal baked goods using local produce and natural ingredients.

Although the Wild Willow Farms brand was in need of an update to give the packaging for the new baked goods a clean, fresh look, our goal was to transition away from the old logo without losing all connection to the farm and its patrons.

The result is a new, more contemporary approach to the logo that provides a whimsical yet clean look to containers for the baked goods with a nod to the willow branches in the original farm logo. Combined with a crisp green and white gingham pattern, you can almost taste the fresh-baked goodness of Wild Willow Farm & Bakery.

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Posted June 25, 2015

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